Adult ADHD Screening

Adult ADHD Screening

If you are on this page it’s likely the result of a referral to us from your primary care physician to obtain a screening for ADHD. Dodini Behavioral Health (DBH) works closely with the top primary care practices in the area to give patients the best in comprehensive care for ADHD. Your primary care physician wants to provide you the best care available to treat your ADHD symptoms. No doubt they have spoken to you about the importance of accurate diagnosis to allow for the very best treatment.

At DBH we use a computer program that is an FDA approved device to measure the symptoms associated with ADHD and their severity.  The traditional method of diagnosis for ADHD can take days of testing. The psychologist would then take up to a month to produce a complicated report that is difficult to understand at a cost of $1500 to $3000.  Our process takes only sixty minutes, gives you instant results, costs only $525, and is the most accurate and objective system on the market today.

A number of other presenting problems can look a lot like ADHD. Anxiety, depression, cognitive/learning issues, and difficulty adjusting to new or stressful events can, and often do, mimic many of the symptoms of ADHD; however, the medical treatment of these issues is often quite different.  Unfortunately, 33% of all individuals with ADHD also have an anxiety issue.  The medicines prescribed to treat ADHD can often make anxiety symptoms much worse. It’s very important to either rule out anxiety, or be able to know if you have both ADHD and anxiety so you can get the proper medication and treatment.  With our system, we can identify specific symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and disengagement and with sophisticated algorithms compare your results with individuals within six months of your age and determine not only whether you have ADHD, but also the severity of these symptoms.  We can get a baseline of symptoms to determine if medication is indicated and at what dosage and then re-test while on medicine to get the most effective dosages for symptom maintenance.  Not too much, not too little.

We are able to give you instant results at the time of the screening.  Additionally, within the day of your screening, you will receive, via email, a concise, easy to read and understand report.  At your request and approval, we will also send that report to your primary care physician and coordinate with them the continued care.

If you are an adult and have been taking stimulants since you were diagnosed as a child, your physician may ask you to get this screening to determine if you still have the severity of symptoms to warrant the use of medications.  The standard of care in this area is to get assessed every five years.

Patients who need documentation of testing and assessment for accommodations for school or work are often required to get assessed every three years.  For adults who have never been assessed, Dodini Behavioral Health is the best place to start to determine if you have ADHD or confirm your diagnosis if you haven’t been tested for a few years.

A quick note on insurance. If you’ve been referred by your primary care physician, you have a medical reason for getting this screening. Insurance will sometimes cover a portion of the fee. You should call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire what their reimbursement rate is for the screening. Simply tell them you have been referred by your physician to get neuropsychological testing from an “out of network” psychologist and ask them what their reimbursement rate will be. Payment is made at the time of the service by check or cash. You may pay using a credit card with a 3.7% convenience fee added. You may also pay by electronic check (ACH) with a $1.25 convenience fee added.  I will have an invoice for you to submit to your insurance company. I will also email the report to you and to your primary care provider of your choice by the end of the day of your assessment.

To set up your screening, email Dr. Dodini. I look forward to hearing from you!

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