Dr. Candi Meyer

Most individuals come to me either when stressful life events have overwhelmed their usual coping strategies or they feel stuck in unproductive patterns of behavior. They feel anxious, depressed, or like they are functioning below their potential. Sometimes these feelings make important relationships very difficult.

As your therapist, I will work with you to identify what is holding you back from reaching your goals. You may have challenges that hinder your ability to enjoy your family, job, studies, or relationships. We will work together to understand what it is about your circumstances that is distressing to you, and explore strategies to ease your symptoms and enhance your well-being. We will form an understanding and supportive partnership that enables you to trust to do something different, take risks, overcome obstacles, and face the world with more effective coping strategies and improved relationship skills.

I provide therapy to individuals, groups, couples and families. I have experience working with clients who are coping with depression and anxiety, trauma/PTSD, eating disorders and body image issues, parenting concerns, and interpersonal problems. I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities tailored to meet each person’s unique experiences and needs.

Anxiety Disorders
Eating Disorders/Body Image Issues
Couples work
Life & Career Transitions
Interpersonal Relationships
Parenting Issues

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