Dr. Joseph Schmidt

I work with individuals, couples and groups. My areas of focus include working with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or trauma, as well as life transitions related to employment, relationships and being single, sexuality, health and aging. I strive to co-create a space in which you might examine your patterns, identify beliefs and feelings, and develop strategies that strengthen and enhance your sense of agency when confronted with life’s inevitable challenges. Psychological health is manifested in the ability to think and act flexibly in the face of change. The therapeutic relationship is about instilling hope, taking risks, changing the narrative, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone into new possibilities.

Whether your path has been linear, and you find yourself in a rut, or instead you’ve taken the scenic route through life but are finding yourself anxious or unhappy, I want to work with you. I work collaboratively with my clients to determine what they hope to achieve in therapy. More importantly, I provide a space for them to grow in their ability to speak their authentic thoughts and feelings, to identify and better understand the patterns they have developed, and to provide a place for them to reflect on the experience of making new choices for how they live their lives. This can take time and is not necessarily a linear process; but there is much to be learned from and to enjoy from taking the scenic route.

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