Dr. Joy Lere

Clients who step into my office are often stuck.  Symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, or erratic eating patterns may have gotten their attention. They are recognizing signals have reached a threshold indicating a significant need for change.

They are burned out and don’t derive satisfaction from their careers, despite spending a large portion of their lives at their offices and chained to their phones.  They struggle with boundaries and have difficulty saying no. They are experiencing imposter syndrome. They are struggling to be confident, effective leaders and managers.  They are feeling the burden of the weight of crushing financial stress.  Their relationships are breaking down. They are arrested in experiences of grief. They are struggling to gain traction as they attempt to launch their own businesses.  They are processing complex issues and stress tied to medical and autoimmune conditions. They don’t have a clear sense of who they are and struggle with confidence necessary to take the steps to incrementally become who they want to be.  They have experienced (and continue to re-experience) trauma.  They are having difficulties starting families.  They are medical and law students unsure of how they will traverse the grueling training gauntlet they are facing. They are trying to figure out how to date and struggling to find develop a real relationship with someone who is a non-creep. They are overwhelmed by becoming new parents. They abhor their bodies.  They are struggling to interact with the people in their lives who are not in therapy.

I work with intelligent individuals who know the “right” answers but find themselves repeatedly pulled into familiar, problematic patterns that are holding them back from achieving their full potential.  They are on the verge of achieving greater things that they perceive to be outside of their grasp.

I focus on equipping clients to successfully navigate unique challenges they face in their roles and responsibilities as they build and develop the careers, relationships, and lives they hope for as they face forward into their future.  This process allows people to gain clarity, become uninhibited about their personalized definition of success, and pursue the lives they desire with reckless abandon.

I currently provide psychotherapy, coaching, and consultation by videoconference to a select number of individuals whose location, professional commitments, or lifestyle make it difficult to attend in-person sessions.  I provide consultation to organizations who seek to address systemic challenges and are motivated to create high-performance teams.

I have previously served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and have held clinical and research positions in the Princeton Healthcare System, Children’s National Medical Center, and the Department of Defense.

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