Preet Kaur, M.A.

I view my approach to therapy as a three-legged stool.  The first leg is my desire to collaborate with my clients to co-create a space for them to pause, reflect, discover, and feel empowered by their innate strengths and wisdom.  This creates an atmosphere where we can pursue emotional and psychological growth and healing. I believe the relationship between my clients and me is one of the key operating elements in the healing process. As such, I strive to create an accepting and nurturing space for my clients to safely and honestly encounter and process their more challenging thoughts and feelings.

The second leg of my therapeutic stance is the psychodynamic theoretical lens through which I view the work.  I value looking at early life experiences to understand current life challenges. This includes exploring how a deeper awareness of relationship, thought, and feeling patterns could facilitate a change in those patterns and in the behaviors that no longer work well and are causing distress. While this is my favored therapeutic stance, I also draw from other perspectives, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), existential-humanistic approaches to therapy, narrative therapy, and the trauma-informed approaches.

The third leg of my approach to therapy is a multicultural orientation. I try to understand the development of the self, with a keen eye towards the contributions of significant identity dimensions (including race/ethnicity, religion, class, age, ability status, gender identity/gender expression, and sexual orientation, among others) and how this situates an individual within the socio-cultural realities of their lives.

In addition to being a Resident in Counseling at Dodini Behavioral Health, I also work as a clinical therapist in the Trauma Disorders Program at Dominion Hospital, a mental healthcare facility in Falls Church, VA. I am also a doctoral candidate in the Counseling program at the George Washington University, where I am currently working on completing my dissertation research.


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