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The Top 5 Signs That Family Trip You’re On ISN’T A Vacation

1. It’s 5:30 in the morning and you’re in the extended stay parking lot driving in circles, because that’s when the cheapest flight could be had. You frantically look around for the shuttle bus, worried that if you miss your ride you won’t make it to the check-in desk before the flight closes. Did your […]

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Assimilating to Loss

The searing pain that accompanies loss can feel suffocating. The reality is that grief is not something that most people get “through” (this implies that there is somehow a finite ending point). Similarly, to suggest to someone who has experienced loss that it is something that he or she will “get over” can add excruciating […]

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Joy & Happiness

What is joy? What is happiness? What removes it from life? How can we get it, or get it back? Ever thought about these questions? Have you ever wondered why your life may not feel joyful, serene, and happy?  As a psychologist, I hear a lot of people ask these questions. They wonder how they […]

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Welcome to Dodini Behavioral Health

We are pleased to announce that the new website for Dodini Behavioral Health has officially launched. The goal of the new design is to make it easier than ever for patients to learn about our staff and services and ultimately settle on the best course of treatment for personal and professional success. Thank you for […]

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