Meet the Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of Dodini Behavioral Health! Our team is comprised of fun, energetic experts at the top of their respective specializations. Collaboration is a huge part of our identity. We work as a team with each other and with the top physicians and other experts in the area to provide the very best care available. Each team member brings a unique personal background of life experience and professional training that make him or her uniquely positioned to not only be a leading expert in the field, but also the personality, skill, and style to deliver that expertise in a way that will uniquely connect with you. Because of our diverse training and background, you have a multitude of options available to you to find the best fit possible for your personal work, goals, and ambitions. And because we work together so seamlessly, you have the benefit of our combined years of experience and expertise.

Meet the Team

Meet Dr. Dodini

In the years leading up to my choice of profession, I went to my roots and connected to my great great grandfather’s legacy of abundance. He lived in a small pastoral village near the Italian-Swiss border on Lago Maggiore. He would lead his livestock up the rugged and imposing Alps until they reached the plateau and the lush green meadows that grew from the crystalline waters of the snowmelt. The meadows were a refuge in which they could feed and grow protected from the harsh elements. My great great grandfather passed on a legacy of learning to thrive in life, in relationships, and in professional endeavors not despite the hardships of life’s mountains, but because of them. The mountains offered both formidable challenges and life-sustaining opportunities for him. Such is life!

Sometimes our “mountain” is depression or anxiety or a difficult relationship or the exasperating experience of making chronic poor choices. My experiences living in the Alps led me to the realization that I wanted to walk with others in their climbs of life and get to a refuge or place of growth.

I believe we can find our greatest strengths when making these climbs. Through the process of taking courageous risks toward vulnerability and intimacy and with the association and help of others we can come to a much better place. I love and honor the climbs of life and I’ve found great fulfillment in making that journey with others. It’s an honor for me and my associates to work with you. We hope you’ll give us a call.

Meet Dr. Dodini

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy can be an integral component of the practice of self awareness and life balance. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or any number of other issues, an exploration of the self is often a key first place to start. Click the “find success” link for a full description of our philosophy and practice of individual psychotherapy.

Find Success

Couples Therapy

Couples psychotherapy is a valuable tool for improving communication, restoring marital happiness, or coming to terms with yourself and your partner as individuals. We believe that with the right approach and attitude, any couple has the potential to transform the relationship for the better. It takes two to succeed however, so we work as a co-therapy team with each member of the couple first as an individual before uniting for more comprehensive couples work. Click on the “grow together” link for a full description of our couples psychotherapy model. It’s awesome.

Grow Together

Group Therapy

When you enter one of our groups, you enter a totally confidential and an exclusive association with other highly successful, smart, and driven people and who are committed to living well, taking risks, and who are open to give and receive honest and direct feedback. This association is rare and priceless in what it can offer you in your life. Group psychotherapy is a good option for people with any number of problems, challenges, or interests. It is especially effective for those who would like to improve or better understand their interpersonal patterns in relationships. Participants can discuss personal concerns or problems from everyday life but group is at its best when participants work from within a “here and now” frame–focusing on the experiences, thoughts and feelings of the present moment. To find out more about group psychotherapy click the “balanced living” link below.

Balanced Living

ADHD Screening

Dodini Behavioral Health offers innovative and cost effective screening for ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. We use the first ever, FDA approved, device to measure the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. This device allows us not only to determine if the person has ADHD, but also the degree of symptoms as compared to others within ninety days of age. Sophisticated and ground breaking algorithms allow us to give the first truly objective measure of ADHD symptoms and determine the correct dosage of medicine to most effectively manage symptoms. Because 33% of all ADHD cases also have an anxiety related component, we can work with your physicians to sort out the best medications to manage that complicated matrix of symptoms.

To schedule your ADHD screening, please contact Dr. Dodini at 703.909.5101 ext. 101.

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