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“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”
– Nido Qubein

iStock_000020620494XSmallWe offer an innovative and unique approach to therapy at Dodini Behavioral Health that allows clients to do individual therapy, couples/marriage counseling, and group psychotherapy and focus on a long-term strategy for mental and emotional well being.  Our co-therapy approach to couples and group allows individuals to work with both a man and a woman in the ideal setting for the most effective approach to address the given issues or goals.  This enhances the degree of safety and security allowing people to take risks and be vulnerable as a prerequisite for intimacy, connection, and fulfillment in their lives.  We will usually recommend that a person start therapy by doing individual sessions.  The frequency of sessions depends on the needs and goals of the client, but we encourage weekly sessions in the beginning to establish a relationship and get a clear understanding of the goals and implement the treatment plan.

After getting a degree of connection to the individual therapist, we very often recommend that our clients enter a psychotherapy process group with the co-therapy team.  We believe very strongly in the combination of individual and group psychotherapy and have found it to be an extraordinarily powerful way to faster, more lasting changes for good in all aspects of our lives.  You’ll be able to read more about our group psychotherapy approach in that section of the website.

Sometimes having help from inside the walls of your own home is also a great advantage for your growth and development.  You may want to engage your significant others–a spouse or other members of your family in your work.  You may find that couples therapy may be a benefit.  When two people are engaged in the process of individual growth, the couple can’t help but grow.  Because we work as a co-therapy team, it is easy for us to meet any number of your needs in a variety of ways.

Our multi-modal, co-therapy model allows people to take greater risks and be more vulnerable than other, more traditional approaches. This model is also proven to alleviate symptoms by helping individuals work through the issues that are preventing long-term, lasting success and happiness.

Individual Therapy

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Many people come to therapy to get relief from uncomfortable symptoms like worry/anxiety, depression, or stress due to difficulty in relationships.  Others may come at the suggestion of concerned physicians or friends and family members.  At Dodini Behavioral Health we believe that symptoms are the result of a complex system of biological, emotional, and environmental factors. At our practice, we address all relevant aspects of these systems.

This takes time, trust, risk, and vulnerability. Often individual progress happens as we improve our relationships with others.  Depression or anxiety or other obstacles to fulfillment that may exist in our lives may be the result of our not living the life we want to live.  That dissonance in the form of symptoms can be a great wake-up call to action.  Sometimes these symptoms are also further complicated by biological or genetic components and these issues also need to be addressed competently.

We work with a team of some of the best primary care doctors and psychiatrist in the area to help bring to bear all the best resources available.

Couples Therapy

iStock_000016602218XSmallCouples therapy is most effective when both members of the couple feel safe, supported, and understood.

At Dodini Behavioral Health, we work in a co-therapy model–a male and a female therapist team–so that each person can do individual work and begin to understand strategies for most effectively communicating with his or her partner. This solo work is followed up with a session in which all four parties are present (both therapists and the couple). When two people honestly work on themselves and then come together for joint sessions, the couple can truly transform for the better.

Good couple’s work is often the outcome of both members of the couple doing the work necessary to get to know themselves as individuals, so they can understand the part each plays in the relationship’s dynamic.  Improving communication is clearly a goal of the work, but if we don’t know what we need to talk about, improving how we say it may not be much help.

Group Therapy


The practice of Dodini Behavioral Health is comprised not only of some of the best psychotherapists around, but also some of the best clients

around.  The art of group psychotherapy is putting the right combinations of people together to engender an environment for maximum emotional and psychological growth.  Our clients are incredibly successful, smart, engaging, and driven people who are open to and seek growth.  When you enter one of our groups, you enter a totally confidential and an exclusive association with others who are committed to living well, taking risks, and who are open to give and receive honest and direct feedback.  This association is rare and priceless in what it can offer you in your life.

Group psychotherapy is a very powerful tool  and a highly effective form of treatment for many people. Like individual therapy, group therapy is intended to help people who would like to gain support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. Group therapy can be especially effective for people interested in exploring their interpersonal style and improving their approach to relationships in areas such as trust, intimacy, anger, conflict, assertiveness, risk-taking, or improving self-esteem.  It’s a phenomenal place to practice being your best self and your worst self and get honest and direct feedback on both.

ADHD Screening

Dodini Behavioral Health uses the Quotient ADHD System, the most advanced, accurate method of screening for ADHD available.