Couples Therapy

“The greatest thing you ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”
– Eden Ahbez


Our couples therapy model is expensive, extremely challenging, and takes time.  Still reading?  It’s also extraordinarily effective.  We don’t mess around.

Good couple’s work is the outcome of both members of the couple doing the vulnerable and intimate individual therapy work necessary to get to know themselves as individuals, so they can understand the part each plays in the relationship’s dynamic.

At Dodini Behavioral Health, we work in a co-therapy model–a male and a female therapist team.  How do we do this?  The initial session includes all four people–the the couple and two therapists.  It’s a chance to evaluate the couple and for you to check us out.  We are observing dynamics and behavior patterns and beginning to look at the individual character issues that combine to make a beautiful, if not dysfunctional, relational dance.

After that first session we encourage you to pick one of the therapists to work with individually.  We may offer our opinion on who may be a good fit, but usually leave it up to each individual to decide with whom they would most like to work.  We do ask that you each choose a different therapist. We tend to do two to three individual therapy sessions for each couples session.  Doing this allows each person to do the individual work necessary to understand what he or she thinks and feels in order to most effectively communicate that to his or her partner. When two people honestly work on themselves and then come together for joint sessions, the couple can truly transform for the better.  No finger-pointing at the other to change, just honest evaluation of how you need and want to change to be the partner you want to be within the couple you want to create.